Ready for the key…to the kingdom!!!

Just kidding…But I am ready for the key for this cherry blossom print!! I’ve already gone through all the other colors…just haven’t been posting them here…SORRY!!! 😦

But here we go:

Dark pink

After the green layer: dark pink (kinda…)

This layer started to look a bit more purple-y than I would’ve liked…but I wanted to see how things played out with it as is. I have a weird habit of doing that…Not going to lie though, I was a bit worried about this color…

Carving out dark pink

Carving out the places I wanted to keep dark pink

After the dark pink I did:

Dark Blue


This is now officially my new favorite color!!! I mean, blue has always been my favorite color, but in a print…YAAAASS!!!!


Though the dark pink layer looks even more purple-y….:( But once again, you can’t go back and change something in a reduction woodcut….SO FORWARD WE GO!!!



And wow…This is why I’m a little crazy….I make myself go insane with flip flopping with worry….>__< SHE’S GORGEOUS!!!! ♥

BUT I’m really looking forward to my key layer….the anticipation is killing me….But again, can’t rush the drying of each layer….I’m soooo ready though ♥_♥

Ready for the key

Ready ready ready….

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