Photographing the Ladies

I decided to get my ladies photographed professionally so that I may have digital copies of each print. Not only can I then keep photographic inventory of my pieces, I can now print them digitally and sell them a whole lot cheaper!!! 🙂 A win-win!!

Plus they look so pretty under these lights :]

Photographing the ladies

Layered Beauty

Digitally printing

Giant printer….!!!

I was referred to Coastal Giclee in Carmel by Katie from my studio. Rick did an amazing job photographing and printing my ladies and I’ll definitely be going back!! 🙂

Each print went from their original 18×24 image on 22×30 paper to a 16×21.5 image on 18×24 paper. Still a good size print, but not as big as the woodcut originals. As of right now, I have “Ideal Beauty” (the 1st print), “Layered Beauty,” “Uncaged Beauty,” and “Nostalgic Beauty” (my newest wisteria print) as digitals. More to come!!! 😀

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