Some carving views

Here are a few photos of some close-ups on my wood block.


This is now going to remain red

It was kind of a pain to do these little buddies, but I think it’ll look good….XDI think….Gosh darn it…

IMG_20160403_141601 (1)

Using the “V” gouge to get that detail

At some point I want to get some more professional grade tools, but as for right meow, these tools work great 🙂 Heck, the first ever geisha print I did, I used freaking Niji tools…those were like…$15 for 10 tools!! Cheapest tools you can get…but they worked XD Goes to prove that you can make beautiful things from the seemingly worst materials. BAM! ^__^v

I am now ready for purple!!!  I believe…I carved out a few of the loopies in the corners so I hope it ends up looking alright…O_O

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