What I did on Easter

I got to the studio a little after 11am this morning and started carving out my green layer. I also happened to find Fear The Walking Dead series online for free. A day full of carving and zombies commenced!!! And I do mean a FULL day. I left the studio around 4:45pm for a quick run to TJs because I needed human interaction, sad, I know… (Jeff was at the studio for a good portion of the day, but he was studying, couldn’t bother him XD)

I came back, cleaned up, finished my last episode, and finally left for good. It was 6pm. GYAHHHH!!!! Summary of my day:


Leave the leaves alone!!! (jk, can’t do that…they need to be green)


More leaves and vines


The leaves on her fan (oh! missed a spot..)


Finish the leaves and then on to her kimono!!

ERMERGER…it’s been a whole day and change and I’m still hurting from this XD Tired back, tired hands…tired brain from being zombie-fied….but hey, I caught up with the show and am ready to go!! (rhymed. heck yes.) Anywho, back to carving her kimono and getting ready for the next layer. The green has already dried!! YAYY!!! That was freaking quick…O_O

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