Green with envy!!!! (But not really…)

Finally back on track!! Sorry to everyone and myself for not getting things done these past few months. Life. ‘nough said, right? >__< Anywho, here is GREEN!!! Kind of a poopoo green if you ask me…but I think that’s just a shade that I like in my prints…XD as weird as that is…it’s true.



Color: “Wisteria Green”

I’ve noticed on a few of my prints that the registration is getting scarily off….O_O I’m a little concerned, but if I remain super careful, I think it’ll end up working out until the last few layers…we’ll see though. Fingers crossed!


The scariest and most unrefined nose job. Ever.


A very green kind of day…GREEN SNACKS!!! 😀

Now that I’ve printed the green on top of such a wonderful shade of lavender, I’m depressed…:( I really liked that layer…so sad that most of it got covered…BUT…!!!!




Not as much purple as I would’ve liked, but then again, it’s purple 1 of 2…So I am now carving for the darker purple!! YAYY!!!! >__< Oh gosh…Good thing: not much green needs to be carved in tiny detail. The vines, the leaves, a few places on her kimono. I’m still debating if I want to make the loops in the corners green or dark purple…I may just do both colors XD Why choose when you can have both?! Or not…we’ll see….It’s always a good idea to plan your ideas and colors before you start, I just need to get into the habit of following it…-__- dang it.

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