Commission Part II

Another commission project that I am working on is a piece from Marie-Madeleine Franc-Nohain’s baby calendar. My cousin and his wife wanted this particular print to hang in their baby’s nursery but wanted it to be bigger than the painting in the book. Hence I come in…The print in the book looks like a woodcut originally so it was pretty easy to break it down into colors. To make it more fluid and my own interpretation of this piece, we decided that I would carve the outline onto a linoleum block and then watercolor the piece. This way it is less time and less money. AND IT’LL LOOK AWESOME!!!! And I can change colors to suit their tastes if they want to change it. šŸ™‚ And I can continue to make multiples of this wonderful picture in honor of Ms. Franc-Nohain.

The original

The original



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