I have finally printed the first layer for my cat commission project!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

Layer one!

Layer one!

You can start to see the outline of Ajax and some of the flower texture. I’ve already started carving for the second layer and I hope that the ink in this layer will dry by tomorrow or Thursday!! I want to print again!! It’s funny though, I started carving right after printing yesterday but I have this bad habit of leaning on my block to carve certain areas…so, my forearms got all yellow-y. I washed and scrubbed three times with two different kinds of soap, but it wasn’t quite enough. I showed up to work with inky arms….and got teased by some of my co-workers because it was worse than I thought….>__< heehee…..BUT! Once I got home and scrubbed with a rough towel and soap, it came off fine 🙂 I’m off to carve again though, so I should really learn to use a rag to lean on….

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