Here is the silver print!!!! ERMERGER!!!! It came out alright and I am SUPER happy!!!! I was very worried that the consistency of the ink was going to be too different to work with, but after a few “too-much-ink” runs I got the feel for it. It looks a little weird right now because it went from “dark-to-darker-to-light” again in color tones, but that’s what makes the black final layer so much more exciting to wait for! 😀 Hopefully I’ll be able to print said black layer this coming weekend (Got to let the silver layer dry all the way through), so I shall keep posting and carving!!!! 🙂



Here are a few “detail” shots:

Close-up of kimono

Close-up of kimono

You can see the registration getting off alignment....darn it....

You can see the registration getting off alignment….darn it….

YAYYYY!!!!!! So excited for the final layer!!! ALMOST DOOONE!!!! Then on to the cat!! =^__^=m

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