So big news!!!! I will be featured in the Monterey Museum of Art on November 15th!!! Another chance to see it will be December 7th, first Friday. The show will be up until February 18th, 2019, so if you can’t make the opening on the 15th, just swing on by before February!! πŸ™‚

I now have an official deadline, get the last print done!!! I have 10 of 12 colors completed >__< My one problem that I have run into is the fact that my registration is getting wonky…IMG_20180930_123636


Off registration…
But this is what happens when you do 10 colors on one paper….-__-

Hello from the end of 2017!!

The finishing of 2017 means the finishing of another print! BAM!

It’s so hot off the press it doesn’t have a name!! O_O Again…but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy how it looks or how these detail shots look πŸ™‚

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One of my favorite parts of this process comes with the first rollings of the black:


Everything at that point starts to come together and I can finally let out the breath that I have been holding the last couple of layers. For me, if I start getting frustrated with a piece and don’t like how certain colors are starting to layer, I keep telling myself, “Just wait for the black, wait for the key. Everything will be okay…” I kind of laugh when I think about my need for containing the colors in my prints. There must be some deep psychological meaning behind it, but I don’t know it yet XD That’s a scary thought…O_O

Anywho! Thanks for visiting my website! Please feel free to comment or follow this page or my instagram @amendo418

Okay, BAAAAIII!!!!

Updated :D

My maple tree geisha print has a name!! “Tranquil Beauty,” a series of 14 prints πŸ™‚ since it has been named I have been pretty busy getting my newest print completed….yeah, I know, I seem to only keep updating when I have a new print….but HA! I HAVE A NEW PRINT!!! XD Hot off the press today, she’s a beauty πŸ™‚ Literally…


The “Key” Block!!! O_O

I’m so happy how this block turned out!!! YAYYY!!!! *collapses on floor* How draining and nerve wracking!! XD The results are all worth it though.

I will be showing the finalized print next weekend at the West End celebration in Sand City so come on by!! I will be a featured artist on Saturday the 26th!! This print along with my others will be available for purchase as originals as well as giclee prints. πŸ™‚



Newest: Complete!!

Buuuut I have no title yet….I will have to update on that one at a later date….but here are a few photos of the newest completed Beauty!!


Japanese Maple Tree!! A symbol of peace, balance, promise and great blessings. Hmm…must think….>__< heehee

Anywho, while I process what exactly I wish to call this piece, here are a few close ups of the final printing process:


Close up details of block and final print


Just the black printed on white paper

And my absolutely favorite part, the BLOCK ITSELF!!!! YAAAS!!!


The “Key” Block

There is always so much character in the blocks themselves. I love watching them throughout the process as they change and slowly become uncovered. This final stage is the beauty hidden within the block, finally set free. Corny stuff, I know, but totally true. πŸ™‚


THE SHOW WAS A SUCCESS!!!! I’m exhausted….-__-zzZZ There were many visitors and there were a few sales!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY AND HELPED AT THE SHOW!!! And thank you to everyone who couldn’t come but still sent their well wishes πŸ™‚ I really appreciate the support and encouragement!! Speaking of both of those things, a huge humongoid thank you goes to my parents, I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys πŸ˜€ Not just the show, but the encouragement to do art and strive to expect more from myself. Thank youuuu! A special shoutout to Ruby who wo-manned the cashier desk for me all night!!! Thanks so much!!! πŸ˜€

Anywho, moving on from the sappy stuff, here are a few photos from before the show!


The line of reusable bags, a corner of the show, and the cashier desk!!


A before and after shot

Now that the show is over, I’m already thinking of the open studio tour in two weeks!!! It never ends…And I guess that’s a good thing XD

My newest geisha is coming along too:


I re-did the purple layer instead of printing orange…


I realllllly wanted the purple to come through so I reprinted it to be actually purple (instead of the gold-ish color that came out of layer two…) XD And it’s nice and mellow!!! Which I thought was very pretty….Until….



BOOM!!! RED!!!! GYAAHH I LOVES IT!!!!!! I always say that if the color layer burns my retinas, it is a great layer. THIS IS A GREAT LAYER!!!! πŸ˜€ So happppppy!!! It’s just what I was looking for!!! Admittedly, I like the muted colors in the beginning, but it just wasn’t myΒ kind of print just yet. But meow. Yes. So excited πŸ™‚ I have three more colors to print, dark blue, brown, and black! It will be done for the studio tour so if you want to see the completed one, please come to OGS on September 24th or 25th!!! Now time to carve ^__^





Oh dear…

I have a lot of catching up to do…I’m so sorry….Sometimes I really hate instagram…(too easy to use if just doing pix…) BLEH.

First things first!!!

Geisha Redefined Flyer

All set and ready to go!!! Almost…still gotta frame, inventory, get business license, promote, set up, sell stuff….but hey!! Slow and steady!!!

For instance, right meow I’m doing my inventory…IMG_20160819_193528

All items are digital copies of my original woodcut prints;Β Top and bottom right are cards, available as a gift with ribbon if purchased in a set of four. Bottom middle are reusable bags, and bottom left are copies of the original print on 18×24 inch paper.

I’m tired…-_-zzzZZZZ but also very excited!! As you all know I started a new print:


First color is Yellow (not inspired by my new purse, just happened to be present @ the time of printing…)



Color 2: Kind of pink….o.O it was surprisingly supposed to be a light purple…oops…


Color 3: Blue (made the “violet” a more golden tone…not too opposed, I guess…)


Color 4: Green!!!

And this is where I am currently…Might try and print tomorrow, but am not quite sure which color to do next…I debated with myself over not just the layering, but on colors as well. I really wanted there to be a purple tone in the print, but I’m not too sure how well the red would lay on top of it…I mean technically the red is in purple…but I don’t know if it’ll do well after it…but I want it to be darker than the purple…and I thought the orange would be the “primer” before the red so I wanted to print that before it…but now I’m thinking I don’t need the orange…GYAHH!!!! *ramble ramble* *grumble* >__< I don’t know…I may just surprise myself and see what color I decide when I get there XD meh…-__- bad attitude, I know, but sometimes you just gotta “roll” with it…GET IT?! Roll like a ink roller?! FUNNY, RIGHT?!?!

Yup, I’ve officially gone crazy…..again….OKAY, BYE!!! Time to continue inventory-ing…:)

A New One

I’m also starting a new one…Trying to get two done before my show in September…BTW, September 9th!!! The official date of my show!! @Open Ground Studios in Seaside, 1230 Fremont Blvd.


The new design

Admittedly it is not one of my typical designs, I guess, but this one I think is more for my mom than anything else πŸ™‚ She told me to do one with cranes because she likes the elegance they embody (I’m guessing….XD). She’s a bird lady πŸ˜‰

This snow crane is a symbol of Japanese culture and is also known as the red-crowned crane (for obvious reasons…). It represents luck, longevity and fidelity. When the snow crane mates, it mates for life and when a snow crane migrates, it will fly for hundreds of miles, a real show of strength. It really is an important symbol in Japan and with a bright red crown on a snow white brow, it’s hard not to imagine the Japanese flag.
Sadly, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I can finish this piece before my show in September…BUT!! There will be a nice work-in-progress piece to show πŸ˜€ So I guess that’s fine…plus it’ll be done for sure by the open studios tour at the end of September!! People will just have to come back and see the finished piece πŸ˜‰

Ready for the key…to the kingdom!!!

Just kidding…But I am ready for the key for this cherry blossom print!! I’ve already gone through all the other colors…just haven’t been posting them here…SORRY!!! 😦

But here we go:

Dark pink

After the green layer: dark pink (kinda…)

This layer started to look a bit more purple-y than I would’ve liked…but I wanted to see how things played out with it as is. I have a weird habit of doing that…Not going to lie though, I was a bit worried about this color…

Carving out dark pink

Carving out the places I wanted to keep dark pink

After the dark pink I did:

Dark Blue


This is now officially my new favorite color!!! I mean, blue has always been my favorite color, but in a print…YAAAASS!!!!


Though the dark pink layer looks even more purple-y….:( But once again, you can’t go back and change something in a reduction woodcut….SO FORWARD WE GO!!!



And wow…This is why I’m a little crazy….I make myself go insane with flip flopping with worry….>__< SHE’S GORGEOUS!!!!Β β™₯

BUT I’m really looking forward to my key layer….the anticipation is killing me….But again, can’t rush the drying of each layer….I’m soooo ready thoughΒ β™₯_β™₯

Ready for the key

Ready ready ready….